What Are People Saying?

“Belmont Estate must give credit to Mr. Eddie Frederick for a business reputation of consistency and delivering exceptional customer service. Eddie has been training our staff at Belmont Estate for over 10 years now and has become a part of our Belmont Estate family. He offers a well self-experience in customer service, human resource development, tourism and hospitality. This plus the fact that he is so committed to the development of people and to service excellence was pivotal in our decision to retain him!”

Sir Royston Hopkin KCMG

Sir Royston Hopkin KCMG

I have known Edward Frederick (Eddie) for just under forty years. From the outset I was confident that he would excel at whatever he sets his mind to. He has always done things “his” way – with diligence and recognition for high standards and a level of quality rare to his generation.

He was invited to join our management team at Spice Island Inn (at the time), three or so years ahead of my acquisition of majority shares through to the period of my complete takeover of 100% interest and upgrade to Spice Island Beach Resort. After his departure from direct employment at our multiple internationally awarded AAA – 5 Diamond, AAHS – 6 Star Diamond (Spice Island Beach Resort), Eddie never severed ties. As an Image Management Consultant, he has been providing Public Relations and Human Resource Development services for quite a number of years.

As is known to most, our Top Boutique Resort invests in continuous development of our entire “Team”, and publicity – whether local, regional and international. Eddie has been very involved in assisting us with both local and regional publicity. His command of the English Language (both written and spoken) coupled with his deliberate delivery style guarantees captive audience – whether on radio, television or in the training room.

Frederick’s passion for training and development stems from his deep rooted belief that everyone was born to add value to their generation and through a larger vision of themselves he believes it is possible. Eddie is indeed the “one man with courage who is a majority” – in that he has the courage of his conviction and hence distinguished himself as a Certified Hospitality and Motivational social skills trainer – locally, regionally and within recent times (though limited) – internationally.

His stamp of excellence has been etched on the performance of our entire team at “Spice”, so much so his high-energy level with which he delivers his training interventions keeps each member of our “Spice Family” continuously motivated and engaged throughout our day as there is always something positive and upbeat lingering from such interventions on a daily basis.

To my mind, Eddie is truly one of a kind in his field who understands the issues and uses his natural knack to tailor-make programs to suit all our social skills training needs. The entire “Spice Family” holds him in the highest esteem and fondly looks forward to more of his passionate deliveries geared toward expanding their vistas time and time again.

I have sat through quite a number of his deliveries and find them inspirational, motivational and thoroughly entertaining. His use of simple language and appropriate humour so that all can understand coupled with his ability to effortlessly conduct on-stream modifications of his modules to deliver the desired results, are proof of his thorough approach to training and development. I therefore have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him and all his Image Management Services – to any and all forward-thinking organisations and companies seeking to put the spotlight on service excellence.

Upcoming Workshops

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